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How to manage word wrap in visual studio?

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In code behind area, we may have a lengthy code or user comments, suppose if you want to see that long line in the visual studio tool then we need to scroll to the right side to view entire long lines. To avoid this scroll, we have a word wrap option in a code editor.

The above screen shot shows long lines, need to scroll right side to view entire lines and below screen shots displays long lines in the next line with arrow image on right side.

Follow below steps to configure the word wrap option in the visual studio.

1. Shortcut key :
Press -> Ctrl + E + W to set word wrap and clear the word wrap
2. Using Menu
a. Go to Tools menu
b. Select Options
c. Then click Text Editor -> select All Languages
d. On the right side check Word wrap and Show visual glyphs for word wrap (To display arrow image, that indicates the second line) under Settings option
e. Click Ok.

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