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Create your custom task list (user comments and task)

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The task list will help the developer to create and manage list of issues in the code or programming task. To open Task list press Ctrl+W+T.

If you want to display user comments in Task list comment section, just type the comments begin with ToDo or todo followed by some text or description as like below

Now we can able to create our customer token like “ToDo”. Actually TODO is a predefined token in the visual studio, See the below steps to create customer token.

1.Go to Tools menu
2.Click Options then select Environment
3.Then select Task List
4.Add custom token name on tight side textbox and select Priority of the token then click Add and Ok button.

See the below screen shot.

Once you have done the above custom task creation in the options window then go to your code behind part and type the comments starting with Test_Token custom token as like below

You will see the list of user comments associated with Test_Token in Comments section as like above.

Create User Task

Actually user task will be used to manage our checklist of to do items. Here we can create our task related with development activities. See the below steps to create user task in visuals studio

1. To open Task list press Ctrl+W+T.
2. Select User Task then click Create User Task button and type the task description in under description column.

3. Right click on any user task description and select Show Columns, check all option as like below so that these three option Priority, Completed and Description columns will display in the User Task and we can set the priority for each task.

4. Click on priority (first) column to set the priority for the specific task as like below

5. Once you have done your task, simply click on check box provided against all task to complete the task or right click on specific user task and delete the task as like below.

I hope this would help you how to create custom tokens and user task in visual studio to manage our programming issues and to do lists.

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