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What is Global.asax file in asp.net web application?

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Global.asax is an asp.net application file where the global or application level events will occur and it is resides in the root directory of a web application. Global.asax file is optional file in a web application. Below is the list of application level events available in the global.asax file.

• Application_start- Occurs when the first user visits a page within your Web application.
• Application_End – Occurs when no more users of the application
• Session_Start – Occurs whenever a new user visits a page in the application
• Sessio_End – Occurs when the users stopped requesting any page in the application and their session times out.
• Application_Error – Occurs, when exception occurred in the application.
• Application_BeginRequest – Occurs beginning of each request to the server. I.e. request happen whenever user navigates to each page.
• Application_EndRequest – Occurs, at the end of each request.

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