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Read & Recognize Barcode from Local Images in .NET Applications

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This technical tip allows developers to read barcode from local image using Saaspose.BarCode REST API in your .NET applications. Some important steps for performing this task is to specify base product URI. This URI depends upon the version of the API you want to use in your application, build URI to upload file, enter app key and app SID, enter file name with full path, build remote URI to generate barcode, Sign remote URI, Send request and read barcode and Display the value and type of all the recognized barcodes.

Sample Code for Reading barcode from local image

//build URI to upload file
string fileUploadUri = "http://api.saaspose.com/v1.0/storage/file/test.jpg";
string UploadUrl = Sign(fileUploadUri);
// Send request to upload file
UploadFileBinary("c:\\temp\\test.jpg", UploadUrl, "PUT");

//build URI to read barcode
string strURI = "http://api.saaspose.com/v1.0/barcode/test.jpg/recognize?type=AllSupportedTypes";
// Send the request to Saaspose server
Stream responseStream = ProcessCommand(Sign(strURI), "GET");
StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(responseStream);
// Read the response
string strJSON = reader.ReadToEnd();
//Parse the json string to JObject
JObject parsedJSON = JObject.Parse(strJSON);
//Deserializes the JSON to a object.
RecognitionResponse barcodeRecognitionResponse = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<RecognitionResponse>(parsedJSON.ToString());
// Display the value and type of all the recognized barcodes
foreach (RecognizedBarCode barcode in barcodeRecognitionResponse.Barcodes)
Console.WriteLine("Codetext: " + barcode.BarCodeValue + "\nType: " + barcode.BarCodeType);

\\Here is the RecognitionResponse class
public class RecognitionResponse : BaseResponse
public List<RecognizedBarCode> Barcodes { get; set; }

\\Here is the RecognizedBarCode class
public class RecognizedBarCode
public string BarCodeType { get; set; }
public string BarCodeValue { get; set; }

\\Here is the BaseResponse class
public class BaseResponse
public BaseResponse() { }
public string Code { get; set; }
public string Status { get; set; }

More about Saaspose.BarCode

- Homepage of Saaspose.BarCode: http://saaspose.com/api/barcode

- More Technical Tips by Saaspose.BarCode: http://saaspose.com/docs/display/barcode/1.2+-+Saaspose.BarCode+Examples

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