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SSAS(SQL Server Analysis Services) learning in MSBI.

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In this article will try to understand SSAS(SQL Server Analysis Services) in MSBI

Star Schema and Snow Flake in SSAS

Star Schema➜

We have one or two fact or measures table connected by many dimensions through primary and foreign key relationship. Dimensions are not connected with other dimension in Star Schema. Single fact table site in the middle and connect to the other dimension table. Each dimension is represented as a single table. We will start understanding Star Schema design with the help of following screen shot…

In Star schema design at the central you have a fact table and they are connected to primary key and foreign key relationship to the dimension table. In star schema there is no relationship between dimension table.

“Fact is the central table with foreign key relationship with Dimension. Dimension tables are not connected”.

Snow flake

It is same designe as a star Schema. In snow flake , can have relationship to other Dimension table. When ALL the dimension tables are NOT directly related to FACT table then that type of schema is called as Snow Flake Schema.

Share Connection Manager

There are many packages in a project ans all connected to the same database. There will be same connection manager for each package. We are creating a common global connection manager and share different packages.

Now, you will see the “Add SSIS Connection manager” will pop up. Then you select the Connection manager type as “ADO.Net” and then click on “Add”. It show the following screen shot…

After that you have to select “Data connection” which is nothing but SQL Server name followed by clicking on ”ok” button.


If server name is not present in the “Data connection” then click on “New”.

When you create the “Connection Managers ”, it will see on the “Solution Explorer”.

How to use the Connection manager?

It will see the Connection Manager in the Solution Explorer. You will see database name added below global connection manager which is now been set for all packages. So now if you go and edit ADO.NET Destination in Editor to configure its connection manager.

Learn project series on MSBI, below is one such video: -

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