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LDAP User Authentication

by gift   on Oct 23, 2013   Category: ASP.NET  |  Views: 3025    |  Points: 5   |  Starter 
Someone help me to guide me about LDAP ...i am wondering about this concept... Asp.Net MVC 4

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  Re :LDAP User Authentication   
by Thamil
on Oct 23 2013 11:03AM
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every organization/company will have a domain in ldap directory, so just check with your network administrators and get the domain name and LDAP string which is having list employee ids where you want to authenticate the users,
say for example you want to authenticate only finance department user then you will need to get LDAP string for finance users and common domain name

<add key="DirectoryPath" value="LDAP://XXXXXXXX,XXXXXX,XXXXXX"></add>
<add key="DirectoryDomain" value="YY"></add>

above i have mentioned sample web.config settings for domain and ldap directory, so you need to get this details from network administrators. Please let me know if you need any further details.

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