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Web Server Configuration

by Moodhi   on Dec 07, 2014   Category: ASP.NET  |  Views: 1363    |  Points: 5   |  Starter 
Hi there,

I have been a web developer a while back but I have now moved on from development into management etc.

I have got experience of developing Classic ASP website and a lot of experience of Visual Basic Client/Server development experience. But I am totally new to Dot Net.

I downloaded various .Net sample code but the problem I think I am facing is web server set up and configuration. For Classic ASP I simply install IIS on my laptop and with basic configuration I am up and running but with .Net as mentioned before I have very little knowledge. I want to be able to run simple Insert/Update/Delete code example that I downloaded from your site but I get error running the site. Ca I therefore request if someone can assist in setting up the web server and help run this little code example please ?


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  Re :Web Server Configuration   
by Thamil
on Feb 3 2015 6:40AM
Points : 10
Hi Moodhi,

Please follow the below article which would help you on how to deploy asp.net application in IIS in step by step process.


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