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What is user control and Custom control in asp.net?

by Narain Siddharth   on Dec 15, 2011   Category: .NET   |  Views: 7883    |  Points: 25   |  Silver 

User control :

Using existing server and html controls, we can able to create the user controls. it can't be added in the toolbox. User controls can be used in a single application. The actual view of user control can be displayed at run time. ".ascx" is the extension of user controls. we need to drag the control from solution into .aspx page while using the user controls in the page.

Custom Control :

Creating Custom controls are not easy while comparing user controls but we can use custom controls for multiple projects and it can be added in the toolbox also. The actual view of custom control can be displayed at development time, so it would be easy to design the page. Custom controls are not language based we can use the C# written custom controls in VB.NET projects. But we can't use user controls like this.

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